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creative that works

for your small business, regardless of your budget

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our firm

 Muse is a full service advertising agency that has worked for many of the world's most successful brands and their relative agencies of record for over 30 years.  

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our focus

Now we serve small business owners exclusively. If you are working with a limited budget and looking for creative ways to significantly reduce your advertising costs and rapidly grow your brand, we can help.

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our offer

We offer you an all inclusive branding, marketing, and advertising package, tailored to your small business, regardless of the size of your budget, that will enable you to sell more and spend less.


our philosophy

Building awareness, demand, and preference for your brand does not require a limitless budget, but it does require discipline, expertise, and a commitment to consistency.


our beliefs

We believe there is simply no better investment you can make than in the strategy that defines your brand and the creative that expresses its promise. Click each image to see work for each specific brand.


our value

It doesn't matter how much you spend on advertising if you are losing sales due to offensive, ineffective, or outdated creative.  We help you dominate by merely out-thinking your competition, not outspending them.


our brand

We created the Muse Energy brand as a metaphor to showcase our ability to take an abstract idea like a moment of inspiration and turn it into a tangible product called Muse Energy, an energy drink by creatives for small business owners seeking creative ways to grow.


our history

You've seen our creative work for over 300 global brands like Adobe, Budweiser, Coca-Cola, Craftsman, Doritos, Kodak, Remington, Vicks, and many others.  Now, as a small business owner, you can afford to put it to work for you. Click to see historical work.


our results

We deliver all appropriate messaging, tactics, and venues to move your audiences from awareness to consideration to transaction to subsequent transactions - not only in visual design and voice, but in opportunistic use of budgets and media.


brand strategy

Your brand is the anchor for all of the beliefs, associations, and perceptions related to your company and its offerings. Products come and go, services evolve and change, and we ensure your brand lives on in the public mind.



brand introduction

A new brand requires clear communication of its promise if it's to make it in the highly competitive world. Your brand’s share of mind, and the perceptions, memories, and emotions occupying that space, is called brand equity.


brand revitalization

If your brand is seen as somewhat dated or no longer accurately represents your business and brand strategy contact us. You don't want to squander the positive equity you've earned, but you also recognize that to remain competitive, your brand needs to be refreshed and redefined. We can help small business owners meet these brand revitalization challenges.


brand extension

Market dynamics and heightened global competition have forced small business owners to seek ways to achieve growth while reducing both the cost of new product introductions as well as the risk of new product failure. A popular way of launching new products has therefore been to leverage the equity of an existing brand into a new sector, market, or product category – this is called a brand extension.

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your branding

The equity of your brand is intrinsically linked to its identity system – your name, logo, colors, and other visual and audio cues that identify your brand.  We help you craft and manage your brand so that it is relevant, associative, impactful, memorable, meaningful, and protectable. 

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your marketing

Great advertising is the result of a carefully developed creative strategy, which grows from clearly defined marketing objectives.  These objectives grow out of problems and opportunities, which are based on strategic facts.  You need an understanding of your market based on facts, not hunches.


public relations

Public Relations is much more than just getting you mentioned in an article.  We take a holistic approach to your brand's relationship with the public. and work to promote unified, integrated messaging across all forms of internal and external communications.  See examples here.

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