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Burst: Tapping Cultural Ideals

Burst is an example of how advertising can tap long established ideals to connect with an audience. For hundreds of years childhood has been presented as carefree and fun. This allowed Muse Advertising to create a campaign that plays to the nostalgia of childhood memories.

”Be a Kid Again” Is all about escaping the stressful responsibilities of being an adult. Using images of children makes it appealing and memorable. People chew gum to relieve stress, and associating it with children brings forth memories of the consumers’ own childhood. It is relatable to a broad audience, while maintaining an individual connection.

The vibrant colors and watermelon flavor hold positive associations with summer. This sets burst apart from other gum brands that focus on negative associations of bad breath. The low price point enhances the nostalgia play, reminding consumers of when everything was less expensive.

The name burst implies bursting with flavor. The watermelon icon was added to look appealing to children, capturing a second market. In video this is supported with a joyful soundtrack and clips of children playing on a playground.

Click here to see the work Muse Advertising did for Burst.

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