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Cin-Cin: How Creative Can Save Millions

The strategy behind Cin-Cin was to position a neglected product and make it exciting with creative. Cin-Cin is an example of how naming and positioning come together with creative to save cost on competing in the expensive, competitive health and wellness category, while also competing in the beverages category.

Cin-Cin is an Italian word used as a less formal toast. The literal translation means—to your health. Muse Advertising used the translation as the positioning statement to attract customers seeking a healthier lifestyle. As a toast, the name and positioning statement gives the brand a personality that celebrates healthy lifestyle choices.

The packaging system was designed with the traditional red, white, and green of Italy, associating the product with where the ingredients are grown. The clean modern design on a uniquely shaped foil pouch differentiates the brand from other juice brands that generally go for a more classic look.

The emphasis on a healthy lifestyle has been on the rise for years. In a cluttered market of supplements, protein shakes, and other health related products, the creative has to stand out to be considered an option. We designed a campaign that replaces exercise equipment with tomatoes, which is a clever and unique way to imply healthy.

Click here to see the work Muse Advertising did for Cin-Cin

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