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Crave: Capturing the Emotional Appeal of the Finer Things

Crave was founded on the strategy of using emotional leverage in the creative to appeal to customers. The idea behind Crave was to provide an indulgence at a value price point.

Muse Advertising designed the brand to be relative to the luxury chocolate category by utilizing an elegant script font combined with metallic shading. We inverted the color scheme of the category leader to subtly imply the product's superiority.

The name Crave plays on the need consumers have to satisfy their cravings, overriding their desires to save money and put others’ needs before their own. The Luxury look plays on their preconditioned justification of treating themselves.

As with all luxury products, the clean no frills design conveys the premium quality of the product without having to exaggerate premium attributes.

The positioning statement of taste decadence conveys that Crave is an indulgence. The word decadence carries luxury connotations that capture the essence of the emotional driver of the consumers’ purchase. This is enhanced by the imagery of women covered in chocolate, a playfully eccentric visual exaggeration of a woman’s love for chocolate.

It has been said that chocolate and love give people the same emotional reaction. Muse Advertising created the campaign with this premise in mind. We opened the video with romantic imagery of a man and woman sharing a kiss, then let it drift into a dream state of the woman bathing in chocolate. The underlying soundtrack completes the romantic atmosphere. This ties the ideas of romance to the product, giving Crave a sensual appeal.

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