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Lur: Targeting the Right Customer

Lur was founded on the strategy it is more cost-effective to target a niche audience than to pursue a mass marketing strategy when dealing with hand crafted products. Hand crafted products are about emphasizing the quality of the craftsmanship. Muse Advertising positioned Lur with a premium brand identity system and packaging design system to target the top tier of anglers.

The name Lur has multiple benefits. All types of lures are referred to as lures. By simply dropping the E from the name, without changing its pronunciation, a new brand can instantly achieve an equity stake without investing a single dollar.

Muse Advertising designed the brand to be minimalist, giving it a clean look to enforce the high quality of the product. We applied the bright green and black color scheme to create eye catching contrast. The name is both relevant and descriptive, establishing equity through attaching the product to the brand.

A benefit of personalized packaging is that customers are more likely to show it to their friends and family. This audience is far more likely to try a product they heard about through word-of-mouth advertising than to respond to an online advertisement. We know that this type of customer is unlikely to spend a lot of time online, therefore it is better to save cost on media spends and to pursue a referral marketing strategy through utilizing a unique brand approach. It is more cost-effective to use a generic box, using a sticker with the customer’s name printed on it to give it a customized appeal, than to pay for customized packaging. This also makes it easier to handle small and big volume orders, allowing the client to scale their growth in a manageable way.

The Cast No Doubt Campaign was designed to show the audience that Lur understands their passion. With imagery centered around trophy fish and fishing trips, it conveys the message that Lur is in tune with the lifestyle of an angler and appreciates the time, skill, and effort put into fishing. When the passions of the craftsman attract the passions of the angler, there is no doubt that the brand will catch loyal customers.

Click here to see the work Muse Advertising did for Lur.

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