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  • Muse Creative Team

Luscious Lemonade: Bottling Youth and Cool for Generations to Come

The idea behind Lucious Lemonade was to differentiate the product from the traditional imagery used by competitors. Muse Advertising started the process by deciding to make pink lemonade the exclusive offering. Playing off the color attribute, we designed the Think Pink campaign to highlight what makes Lucious Lemonade unique from classic lemonade brands.

To appeal to a younger audience, we incorporated elements of popular culture to give the brand a lively personality. Music, apparel, and toys have invested millions into capturing the minds of young people, so we borrowed that equity and applied it to the campaign, saving the client from having to compete against long established lemonade brands. There is no ingredient play to win, so the best thing to do is shift focus completely to the color attribute of the brand identity system.

There is no original yellow flavor in the product portfolio. This was done intentionally to enhance the pink element. The name Lucious brings forth positive connotations that connect with emotional benefits as well as physical sensations of consuming the product. The tag line subtly associates the product with anything that is the color pink.

We added apparel so that customers can show support for the brand. This is extremely effective among young individuals who tend to want to fit into the "cool club."

“Think Pink” is an example of how to craft a message that can be reiterated for decades without losing its flair. Allowing the client to build and reinforce brand equity over long periods of time by capturing the current and future generations of youth markets simultaneously. This type of campaign is how a brand builds a strong base of loyal customers.

Click here to see the work Muse Advertising did for Luscious Lemonade.

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