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Muse Advertising Creates Luscious Lemonade to Show How to Appeal to a Younger Audience

On the 4, January 2021 Muse Advertising introduced Luscious Lemonade. To show more diversity in artistic style, Muse Advertising decided to expand its portfolio by creating another brand. Luscious Lemonade is designed as an example of how to incorporate pop culture to attract the attention of the youngest market with purchasing power.

Muse Advertising created Luscious Lemonade to show how a product that is typically portrayed as traditional can be made to look cool. We used unrelated elements like dancing and pop music to connect with those with a vested interest in current cultural trends.

"My favorite part about this campaign is that the Think Pink tagline associates the brand with anything that is the color pink." said D. Dennis Stratton, Chief Creative Officer of Muse Advertising.

If you are looking to incorporate elements outside of your product category, on a limited budget, we welcome the opportunity to contribute to the success of your plans.

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About Muse Advertising

Muse Advertising is a full service creative agency that provides fully integrated branding, marketing, and advertising tailored to meet the demands of small businesses worldwide. Muse Advertising is devoted to building or revitalizing your brand's image, communications energy, and advertising performance through implementing strategic, effective, creative. For nearly 30 years, you've seen our creative work for over 300 global brands. Now you can afford to put it to work for you regardless of your budget restraints. Based in Houston, Texas, Muse Advertising is founded by D. Dennis Stratton, Jon Sullivan, Katherine Astor, and Edward Banks.

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