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Muse Energy Celebrates 1 Year in Business

On 3, February 2021 Muse Advertising Celebrates 1 year in business. One year ago we officially launched our agency, allowing small business owners to access the same premium quality creative, brand strategy, and design systems that global corporations utilize. With over 30 years of experience on over 300 global brands, Chief Creative Officer D. Dennis Stratton brings knowledge and talent to small business owners without increasing their expenses.

2020 was filled with challenges for all businesses. Muse Advertising managed to remain profitable in the face of mandated lock downs, a global pandemic, and a changing social-political landscape. We are thankful for our clients who trusted us to help them through the last year. The year ahead poses more obstacles that need to be overcome. Muse Advertising will continue to adapt to the ever-changing landscape as we help our clients do the same. Muse Advertising is accepting new clients, ready to guide business owners as we navigate the path forward.

"Now is a great time to advertise. We look forward to helping business owners thrive in rapidly changing market conditions." Said D. Dennis Stratton, Chief Creative Officer of Muse Advertising.

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About Muse Advertising

Muse Advertising is a full service creative agency that provides fully integrated branding, marketing, and advertising tailored to meet the demands of small businesses worldwide. Muse Advertising is devoted to building or revitalizing your brand's image, communications energy, and advertising performance through implementing strategic, effective creative. For nearly 30 years, you've seen our creative work for over 300 global brands. Now you can afford to put it to work for you regardless of your budget restraints. Based in Houston, Texas, Muse Advertising is founded by D. Dennis Stratton, Katherine Astor, and Edward Banks.

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