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Naranga: Picking the Right Battle

Naranga was based on the strategy of competing against all morning beverages, including coffee and tea, instead of focusing solely on the juice category. Muse Advertising developed a brand identity system that would stand out to better establish awareness and recognition with consumers.

The name Naranga is a derivative spelling of the Sanskrit word for orange tree. When you pick a name that denotes completely different from the category standards of fresh, natural, and organic, you gain a competitive advantage by establishing brand recall.

We designed the packaging system to be clean, with vibrant colors for a more modern look. Food and beverages are often cluttered with information graphics, but this is a case where less is more. We chose to use more white space to enhance the healthy attribute already established by competitors.

Muse Advertising developed the advertising campaign to directly go after all morning beverages. With the campaign slogan “start your day the right way,“ we accomplish subtly attacking the competition, while establishing a positive brand image. This allows business owners to save cost by changing the battlefield instead of trying to outspend corporations on who has the most fresh, most natural product.

Click here to see the work Muse Advertising did for Naranga.

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