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Turtle Bay: Capturing Paradise

The idea behind turtle bay was to lose oneself in the moment of your dream vacation. Muse Advertising used destination brand techniques and applied them to a product. The “Slow Down” campaign shows how we use the market conditions of a world that is moving at a constantly rapid pace and offer an escape to the consumer.

Turtle Bay Rum uses the sea turtle in its brand to establish connections with the tropical environment that sea turtles inhabit. Known for long lifespans despite their slow pace, the sea turtle is the optimal choice to deliver the message of slowing down to enjoy the natural beauty of one’s surroundings.

We designed the package with geometric shapes to resemble the turtle shell, using a blue inspired by the ocean so that it stands out on the shelf.

We put the brand on blimps and planes that would be seen in metropolitan areas to reach an affluent market with the means to escape, knowing they will likely consume alcohol when they reach their destination. With careful placement of the brand in channels that would reach the demographic of people who travel, we increase the frequency of where they see the brand - In their home city, on the way to their destination, and at their destination.

Our media strategy included large format print on buildings, in museums, in destination print publications, airport bars, in-flight magazines, travel and tourism guide magazines and websites, and accredited travel agency websites.

We expanded the brand touchpoints by putting it at bars, souvenir shops, and hotels. We do this by putting the brand on drinking glasses, coasters, buses, flip flops, swimsuits, T-shirts, Tank-tops, keychains, sunglasses, parasails, jetski rental huts, cabs, and single propellor tourism flights.

Click here to see the work Muse Advertising did for Turtle Bay.

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