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What You Need to Know About Your Website

All day, every day, your website is online. As an integral part of your marketing communications strategy, your website is either making you money or costing you sales. In order to get the most out of your website, it needs to be consistent with the rest of your brand identity and marketing communications system. Muse Advertising helps business owners by providing, graphics, images, and copy that will deliver the right message to your audience.

Architecture, Design, and Functionality

Websites can be used to sell products, communicate benefits, explain services, generate leads, post current events, and a variety of other purposes depending on what your business is. Every website should be built to guide the customer to the point of engagement. In order to achieve this, the visual elements on a website must be current, relevant, and impactful. The images, graphics, and copy that you use form a distinct impression about your brand personality, when you have elements on your website that are in conflict with your brand identity, it sews distrust in the mind of the audience.

A website has to be easy for the customer to navigate. If your customer has trouble finding the information they need, they will get frustrated quickly and go elsewhere. Website architecture should be built to present the information in a manner that is intuitive, and that leads them to the point of engagement.

Functionality simply refers to how your website works. Making sure everything links where it is supposed to, decreasing load times, and optimizing layouts for mobile devices are all a part of having a good end-user experience.

Copy, Communications, and Content

How you communicate to your audience affects your brand perception. To write effective copy, it must be aligned with your communications strategy. This means knowing your audience to provide information in a way that connects with them. Muse advertising does this through doing research into target demographics, so we can communicate your brand message in a compelling way.

Content can range from describing product benefits to releasing news about what your business is doing. There is a balance between providing enough information, boring the audience with too much information, and not having enough information. Different businesses require different types of content, but keeping your content current, relevant, and frequently updated is imperative.

Online Visibility, SEO, and Analytics

Online visibility is the term used to describe how easy it is to find your website online. If your website does not rank within the first couple pages of a search, it is unlikely to be visited, so it is important to do everything you can to increase your online visibility. There are many variables that affect where your business ranks in the search engines. Your web-copy, keywords, rich text, directory listings, and other points that search spiders cross-reference when determining how to index your website. Even small details like how long users stay on your site, how many subpages users click on, how frequently you add new or updated content, and whether a map is displayed, can affect your website rankings.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the art of persistently and consistently using web copy, keywords, and other elements to target specific markets. The key to doing this well is knowing how your target audience thinks, what they are searching for, and how to incorporate your product or service in a relevant, appealing manner. The most effective way to increase SEO results is to buy advertising on the desired platform consistently. A less expensive route would be to incorporate a content marketing or public relations strategy into your overall communication strategy.

Analytics is data on how many users are on your site, and for how long. It can get confusing when discussing percentages, ratios, and numeric data that is used to measure how many people were on your site for what amount of time. It is extremely difficult to discuss analytics in a way that is relevant to every business, but it does not matter how many users you attract if they are not converting to sales.

If you are looking to increase your online visibility, update your communications strategy, or generate more traffic from the right audience, Muse Advertising welcomes the opportunity to contribute to your success.

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