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Why Revitalize Your Brand

Companies revitalize their brand to remain relevant and competitive. Global companies revitalize their brand every 2-3 years on average. Brand Revitalization does not necessarily mean changing your logo, but your brand needs to look current and associative to the market category you compete in. Muse Advertising focuses on preserving established equity, while improving elements that detract from your brand strategy to make them a cohesive, integrated contributor to your brand identity system.

When to Revitalize Your Brand

Many companies choose to revitalize their brand when they revitalize their packaging design system. Packaging is an important part of a brand identity system and marketing strategy, and if you have old graphics that detract from your brand equity on a new package design, it takes away from the effectiveness of your new packaging.

Another sign it is time to revitalize your brand is if you are losing market share to the competition. There is a reason your customers are buying your competitor over you, your brand is not effectively connecting with your audience. This could be for a number of reasons, the most common of which is the brand is outdated.

If you are launching a new line of products, or extending your product portfolio, you may want to consider revitalizing your brand to launch both simultaneously in your next advertising campaign. Muse Advertising can help you ensure your brand architecture, nomenclature system, package design system, and brand identity system are conveying a consistent message that supports your brand strategy.

If you want to discuss revitalizing your brand, click here to contact Muse Advertising.

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