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Why Revitalize Your Packaging

Your product packaging is the first and last line of defense in a retail environment. Customers make the decision to buy your product, or to buy your competitor’s product, at the point of sale. A package design system that meets your brand strategy can get you free sales by being more appealing than your competition. When your packaging is outdated or ineffective, it cost you sales. Muse Advertising recognizes packaging as an integral part of a brand identity system, which is why we put the emphasis on designing a packaging system that meets your strategy, visually grabs attention, communicates information clearly, and remains relevant to the category. You have to pay for it anyway, so if your packaging isn’t making sales for you, it is time to consider revitalizing your packaging design system.

When to Revitalize Your Packaging.

When you revitalize your brand, it is a good idea to revitalize your packaging design system as well. You are going to have to put the updated brand on the packaging anyway, so it is cost-effective to revitalize both at once to ensure your brand message is consistent.

When you extend your product portfolio by adding a new line of products, or update your ingredients you should revitalize your packaging to reflect the improvements to your offering. Adding a new product means the old packaging on previous products needs to be updated to look consistent.

Another reason companies revitalize their packaging is to remain competitive. Global brands update their packaging every 18-36 months on average. This is especially important to the food and beverage category where outdated packaging implies your product is not fresh.

If you change your brand strategy, it will require portfolio rationalization, a new brand architecture, and a nomenclature system. After the strategy is in place, your packaging design system will need to be revitalized to match the new brand strategy.

If you want to discuss revitalizing your packaging, click here to contact Muse Advertising.

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